The Royal Klobasneks
In the summer of 2010, Matt Tolentino decided to put together his 7 piece ensemble, The Royal Klobasneks. After years of playing polkas and ethinc music in restaurants, dances, and events, he decided to try his hand at a full band. Much like the Singapore Slingers proved a success at adapting his music for full orchestra, the Royal Klobasneks quickly found work.

A great deal of thanks, and inspiration, is owed to his friend Michael Morris, a native of Temple, TX who boasts a strong appreciation for his Czech heritage. Morris, who's father led a small brass band, inherited many of the original orchestrations his father played, and inspired Matt to put the group together, and allowed him to make copies of his father's arrangements, in order to jumpstart the group.


Our 2014 Oktoberfest season has officially concluded- thanks to everyone for their support!

As soon as free time availed itself, Matt, along with his wife Danielle, made a trip down to Temple to paw through Michael's father's old arrangements. There were tons of them- way more then Matt could go through in an afternoon. However, he found more then enough to get his group going, including Repete Polka, the song featured in the video above. A few more arrangements from newly re-established Vitak-Elsnic were added to the books, and they Klobasneks were off.

Anxious to get his new project off the group, Matt knew he needed players in a hurry, so he drew upon a few of the Singapore Slingers to get it done right. He also enlisted 2 brassmen, and drafted a tuba player named Tim Hicks, who began to play with the Slingers shortly after joining the Klobasneks. It didn't take long for the group to land their first gigs. They had collected arrangements and rehearsed just in time to play their first Oktoberfest, put on by Gerhardt's German Restaurant in Roanoke, TX, organized by Gary Trumet of the New Braunfels band, The Sauerkrauts.
We can't wait to play for all the dancers and those who love polka music. Much like Matt's Singapore Slingers, the Royal Klobasneks strive to preserve traditional dance music- the music that delighted generations of dancers and listeners. Here's to the next Oktoberfest season!