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Matt Tolentino is for hire, and he would be thrilled to bring his music to your upcoming event. Matt has experience with everything from weddings to dances, corporate events, and big festivals- and don't forget those backyard parties and gatherings, too. If you are interested in hiring Matt Tolentino, or one of his bands, or if you have any questions regarding his music, don't hesitate to drop a line. Also, feel free to sign the guest book!
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The Singapore Slingers' latest CD, 'The Frank Skinner Project'
A tribute to one of the greatest stock arrangers of the 1920s and 1930s!
Click on the CD for more information
1. Happy Days Are Here Again
2. Hindustan
3. Breezin' Along With The Breeze
4. Rain
5. Alice Blue Gown
6. T'ain't No Sin To Take Off Your Skin and Dance Around In Your Bones
7. My Cutie's Due at Two-to-Two Today
8. The Lady In Red
9. Zulu Wail
10. Under a Blanket of Blue
11. Magnolia
12. Mysterious Mose
13. Home
14. If I Had A Talking Picture Of You
15. I'm In The Mood For Love
Matt Tolentino's solo project, 'Midnight, The Stars, and You' is now available.
(Currently out of print, but still available on iTunes and CD Baby)
1. Some Smoke
2. The Wedding Of The Painted Doll
3. What'll You Do?
4. Too Much Mustard (Tres Mutarde)
5. Goodnight, Ladies and Gents
6. Bo-La-Bo (Egyptian Fox Trot)
7. Hiawatha's Lullaby
8. The Cubanola Glide
9. Du Schwarzer Zigeuner
10. Burning Sands
11. Rain
12. Midnight, The Stars and You
13. Foolin' Myself
14. I'll See You In My Dreams

1. Diga Diga Do
2. My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now
3. Alone
4. The Sheik of Araby
5. Mamma Loves Papa
6. Ethiopia (A Rag)
7. When Summer Is Gone
8. My Sweet Tooth Says I Wanna (But My Wisdom Tooth Says No)
9. Siboney
10. Waltz Me Around Again, Willie
11. Palesteena
12. The Easy Winners
13. The Wedding Of The Painted Doll
14. In A Sentimental Mood